Rio Fashion Week: Lenny

With the use of floral tropic prints as well as dark geometric designs, Lenny’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection brought forth a refreshing spin to this seasons beachwear styles. One of my favorite parts of the collection had to be the way in which each design evoked a constant sense of femininity that allowed one look to flow perfectly to the next. Woven details and obscure cut-outs were incorporated into almost every look, setting a sporty yet sexy tone for the entire line.

Unlike most of the floral prints we saw at Fashion Rio, at first glance, the abstracted floral designs appeared more like 80’s graffiti inspired prints. But it was the last few looks that came down the runway that stole scene at Fashion Rio. The black gridded suit left us wanting so much more.

In addition to swimwear, the high-waisted mini’s, crop tops and over-sized lightweight jackets managed to tie the collection together. So whether you want to dress for the beach or grab mimosa’s by the poolside, there is no doubt Lenny’s designs will have you feeling Rio ready.


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