Rika Magazine

Ex model, stylist, fashion designer and ultra entrepreneur, Ulrika Lundgren and Jacob Wildschiødtz, design director of LOVE magazine, fused their talent and vision creating Rika Magazine an independent, bi-annual publication that  acts as a manifesto of Rika’s philosophy: each issue features fearless, strong and non conformist women in the arts. “Rika looks at women as muses, creators, fighters and lovers in the fields. Each issue picks a theme, which is freely reinterpreted by an array of established and up-and-coming contributors.” Some of those contributors have included Helena Christiansen, Anton Corbijn, Yoko Ono and Milla Jovovich.

Each issue is printed with multiple covers, to reflect the eclectic and diverse inspirations behind the brand and the collections. The magazines custom typeface and hand painted display typeface, which changes with each issue  are designed by NR2154 who have offices in both Copenhagen and New York;  both typefaces specify  thin slab font with black runny ink.

Each issue is printed with multiple covers, to reflect the eclectic and diverse inspirations behind the brand and the collections. Rika Magazine  focuses on fashion, photography, art and models, all with a slightly bohemian cutting edge. The pieces are optimistic, for example a set of bios on strong women in history, or a look into the ways certain photographers portray emotion, or simple conversations on life, love and happiness. Littered with stunning ideas and imagery, Rika Magazine is perfect for the open-minded creativity lovers of the world.

Not one to limit herself, Lundgren’s empire also consist’s of the her clothing label, Rika, launched in 2005, a boutique, and the latest venture,  MAISON RIKA, a petite guesthouse with a twist housed in a former art gallery looking out on Amsterdam’s historical canals. The multifaceted lobby offers lifestyles pieces Ulrika has collected  by her favorite designers, artists and markets around the world; including John Derian glass art, Maison Michel hats, scented candles, scrap books and cards from Rifle Paper – and let’s not forget a selection of limited edition Rika travel goods as well as a space in the windows for up and coming street artists.

More information at www.rikaint.com www.nr2154.com

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