Rihanna Diamonds Jerome LOL Edit

Rihanna: Diamonds (Jerome LOL Edit)

Rihanna Diamonds Jerome LOL Edit

Written by Guest Blogger Nicole Lopez

As we know nothing lasts forever, Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia a.k.a LOL Boys decided to take an indefinite hiatus and explore separate roads. Now on his own, Jerome decided to continue the project under the pseudonym Jerome LOL, maintaining a similar aesthetic musically and visually.

      1. Diamonds

Recently, he pulled out a Rihanna Remix of “Diamonds,” creating a totally new track: the “shine bright like a diamond” line keeps looping on top of simple instrumentals speeding it up and making it pleasantly audible to the ear  for more than one week.

Coincidence or not, she performed the track – lead single from her latest album, Unapologetic – at SNL in front of a green screen, backed by an animated video with those kitschy web graphics, clearly based on LOL Boys “Blockz” video. This”Tumblr” concept has been out for a while, and Rihanna, who’s up to her neck in her badass, punk phase, wants to be part of it, even though she is a bit late.

The web presence has always been a big part of LOL Boys as a group – they met via message board – so it all came naturally. The project started as an online experiment, growing from remixes. For those who miss them, Jerome’s soundcloud is worth a catch up.