Ridiculous Rules Books

Yesterday we were pleasantly surprised to receive these 5 ‘Ridiculous Rules’ books. Written by Anneloes van Gaalen and designed by Lillian van Dongen Torman for BISPublishers. Every Ridiculous Rules book features work that either negates or supports the rule. Fashion, Design, Typography, Advertising and Web Design, each book showcases rules that tend to be followed, bended, twisted or broken altogether, featuring work created by talented illustrators, typographers, designers and photographers from around the globe.

50 Ridiculous Typography Rules at $14

50 Ridiculous Design Rules at $13

50 Ridiculous Web Design Rules at $14

50 Ridiculous Advertising Rules at $14

The Books can be bought on Amazon, or any Borders, Barnes & Nobles and Urban Outfitter

More information at www.ridiculousrules.com & www.bispublishers.nl