Rick Owens Lookbooks Layout by Non Format

Rick Owens‘ consistent, clean and very much “ahead of his time” vision transcends both his mens and womens fashion collections down through to his furniture, home furnishings, reaching into the details of his company: his lookbooks being an extension of this very pure and authentic aesthetic. There is no doubt when one see’s a Rick Owens designed product, he has managed, along with his muse and partner, Michele Lamy to create a lifestyle, a look, a vibe which is all his own, and which is easily identifiable.  Angles,volume, geometric, simplicity, quality, innovation: am I describing his last collection, or his lookbook??

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge fan, and this is precisely why, I know what I am going to get, BUT, I am consistently surprised at the evolution and creative innovation of this vision season after season. With these lookbooks you get an interesting visual of the pieces, along with a creative work which keeps the viewer engaged, and perhaps its what you DONT get that is the real jewel:  trends, one off’s and predicability.

This is the beauty of this man and this is why I buy into the Rick Owens philosophy. These selects, from various Rick Owens lookbooks over the year, have been created by Non Format, a London-based design agency.  “Two hits of black ink were used to create subtle overprinting effects.  The front and back covers are black core board with gloss black foil for the logotype.” A brilliant example of how a brand and vision of a designer can move seamlessly onto a 2D presentation.

See more at www.non-format.com & www.rickowens.eu


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