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RH Contemporary Art Presents Four Solo Exhibitions

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The RH Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea,  presents four international solo exhibitions this week.


Artists Tofer Chin, Koen Delaere, Paul Gillis and Lucas Jardin will be on display starting December 12, 2014. Devoted to showcasing international artists to a global audience, RH Contemporary is a six-floor gallery space which provides a versatile and engaging arena for emerging talents across all media. Tofer Chin’s work, entitled “One”,  has an especially interesting angle. The collection includes minimalist geometric paintings, inspired by urban and natural landscapes.


“Although the work adheres to a formulaic expression, it is a window into a psychological space within the views, as each work is based on the keyhole perspective, seeing only a portion of what’s behind”, says Chin.


(Above) Tofer Chin
(To the left) Refik Anabol

bischoff_rh contemporary
Brice Bischoff

ouillette_rh contemporary

Jacob Ouillette

syed_RH contepmorary

Shaan Syed

tofer chin rh contemporary

Tofer Chin

virnich_rh contemporary

Anna Virnich

succo_rh contemporary

Chris Succo

troika_rh contemporary


zhigang_rh contemporary

Meng Zhigang

RH Contemporary
Tofer Chin, Koen Delaere, Paul Gillis, Lucas Jardin
December 12, 2014 – March 7, 2015
437 West 16th Street

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