Reverse Graffiti Artist: Alexandre Orion

Reverse graffiti artist is an interesting concept, considering that “Graffiti is the name for images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or any form of marking on property. Graffiti is often regarded by others as unsightly damage or unwanted vandalism.” ( Wikipedia) However, Alexandre Orion scours the streets of Sao Paulo in an effort to clean city property.

This was a two week project where the artist selectively scrubbed soot from a tunnel to create an image of a cemetery of skulls, which represent his The skulls belong all to us. I wanted to bring a catacomb from the near future to the present, to show people that the tragedy of pollution is happening right now. I try to remind people of things they are trying to forget.”
Though he his “cleaning up,” the police are not the most cooperative and has been held up by gunpoint several times.