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Retro Trends Mixes Old Styles With New Technology

Do you love technology but hanker after the retro designs of the past? Find out how casino games such as Crazy Time at PartyCasino offer the best of both.

We currently stand on the precipice, with new and evolving technology being released all the time, but with one eye fondly on the past. Being excited about the potential of emerging technology doesn’t mean that you can’t be nostalgic.

And nostalgia can be potent, as many developers have discovered. Although there is unlimited untapped potential for the future, there’s also a huge demand for games which have a retro vibe. This has led to a trend known as retro-tech, which fuses the best of both worlds.

Retro Trends Mixes Old Styles With New Technology

Memories of Days Gone By

Hands up if you remember playing board games with your family, fighting over the rules and battling to beat your siblings. Or how about gathering around the TV to watch family- friendly shows and competing to win from the comfort of your sofa? There are lots of shows and games which have gained a cult following over the years.

Their kitsch composition and quirky graphics are precisely what is so appealing now. In the era when everything has the potential to be smooth and flawless, there’s something irresistible about an imperfect design. Evidence of the retro-tech trend is everywhere you look. The revival of concert T-shirts is a great example; in many cases, it’s not vintage wear but contemporary clothing designed to look old. The same principle applies to tech; gone are the days of glitchy, slow software, but the gorgeous designs have been preserved. This trend is seen right across the market, from artwork to interior design and gaming. Artists and developers alike have had fun with the concept, bringing older ideas and giving them a modern twist.

Retro Trends Mixes Old Styles With New Technology

The Influence on Gaming

Gaming has never turned its back on the past as, despite the development of video slots with 3D graphics, the traditional fruit-machine style has retained its fanbase. There’s always been enough room for both old and new, and now we see a beautiful blend of both within the same game.

Scroll through some of the slots available, and you’ll notice there’s plenty of titles that you recognize from yesteryear. Both IGT and WMS have released Cluedo slots while you can take your pick of Monopoly titles, including a Slingo version.

TV programmes are well-represented too with slots inspired by The Jetsons, Catchphrase, The Price is Right, Baywatch and Wheel of Fortune.

Many of these retro-themed slots are branded with the show or board game, so the link is obvious. In other cases, it’s more tenuous, but the similarity is unmistakable.

This is the case with what’s been described as the most expensive casino game ever designed, Crazy Time . It is the perfect example of bringing retro fun and new technology together as it’s a live streaming game. This means you’ll be playing with live dealers at a remote location, using the internet to interact and play. A beautiful partnership which pays homage to game shows of the past while still utilising the best of modern technology.

With Artificial Intelligence developing at a rapid pace and graphics becoming increasing sophisticated, the future for slots and casino play is exciting. But it’s clear that the past will never be forgotten and you’ll always be able to find vintage and retro themes even while enjoying cutting edge design.

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