Reptile Youth: Speeddance

Photography by David Richardson

      1. Speeddance


In a cross pollination between Danish rebel-pop and “the bastard sons of psychedelic Sixties Soul”, Reptile Youth releases the idiot in all of us with “Speeddance.” Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen (vocalist) and Esben Valløe (bassist) are the post-punk duo galvanizing Northern Europe’s electro enclave with music lushes Dave M. Allen (producer, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy), Kasper Bjørke (producer), and Norwegian Deathcrush (Andreas Larssen, Åse Røyset and Linn Nystadnes) as they prep their debut EP in progress (hnf music).

Since 2009, Reptile Youth, formerly Reptile and Retard, has been coercing crowds throughout Europe and Asia as the onset to their riot-dance-rage-disco wave of chaotic performances. Their music is a mouthful, their sounds have the capacity to rattle your digestion, and their work is layered in a voluptuous and generation-restoring F-you! that nearly hand-picks its listeners, if you are not already seduced. “Speeddance” dares you to want more, and this track is a clean invitation to break into their addicting movement and bust a move.