Rena Detrixhe’s Shoe Print Rugs

Artist Rena Detrixhe works a lot with materials gathered into the wild, depicting herself as a material hunter. In ‘Red Dirt Rug’, Detrixhe wants to express how human presence can change surroundings. Rugs can have several significations, they are the result of many hours of meticulous work and can both embody authority than cultural roots and keenness of craftsmanship. Living in Oklahoma city, she collected local sifted dirt and used shoe sole print to create floral pattern. Whereas a rug meant to be constantly trampled, as well as earth right just below our feet, Detrixhe questions the tension between nature and human impact.

‘Shifting Landscapes‘ exhibition currently displays one of her dirt rug at Form & Concept in Santa Fe, New Mexico, until May 20, 2017.