The Rebirth Of Modernist Villa Kaplansky [Antwerp]

This residential villa on the outskirts of Antwerp in Belgium was initially designed by Nachman Kaplansky in 1934. After being rebuilt in the 60s, it has slowly lost its glamour so when B-architecten studio arrived at the sight, they decided to treat the forgotten building to a total makeover and bring back its 1930s glamour. Following Kaplansky’s fascination with Bauhaus, the architects conceived a modernist interior.

Materials such as terrazzo and travertine were selected and the circular steel window frames were renewed. The curved staircase in white is a true gem and while from the outside, the villa may appear like a small, tucked-away bunker, the inside is beautifully lighted with circular skylights. Pink bathroom seems like a dream that many of us would love to Instagram, so does the rest of the white space decorated with retro furnishings.