Realboy: The Ritz

Say “hello” to LA-groomed DJs, Realboy (Austin Jacobsen & Daniel Gomez). Starting off as graffiti artists, the duo traded vandalizing streets for rocking dance floors, a wise decision on their part–if anyone’s asking for my 2 cents. So far, a label has yet to snatch them, but I have no doubt that won’t be the case for long. Fred Astaire’s 1946 original version of “Puttin’ on the Ritz” was just asking for two talented kids to come along and modernize it, and that is just what Realboy did. “The Ritz” is their revamp of the old school hit, complete with sample-equipped supplements and electronic pizazz, to boot. What starts out as a classic, ends as an almost house-like jam, all while guiding the listener straight down memory lane.

Stay tuned to Realboy’s other, great remixes at their blog, on which they announce, “WE NEED PUBLICITY!” Well, here you go, boys. You deserve it.

Listen to “The Ritz” Here

      1. The Ritz