Raymond Lemstra Tribal Illustrations

I am totally in love with the illustrations of Dutch artist Raymond Lemstra. Inspired by tribal and primitive masks and totems, and mixed with a little touch of pop and Japanese culture and you get these very unique drawings.

” What I find interesting about these is the distortion as a result of selective emphasis; parts of interest are emphasized, unimportant parts reduced or left out. For characters this means they come out big headed, where focus is on the face and the body is trimmed to its essential properties.”

” I deliberately apply this primitive logic as a method. But I don’t apply it equally to all aspects of my work. Instead, I choose to use a very mature, highly laboursome technique for the execution of my work.”

“This contrast, between the naive and sophisticated, gives the work a somewhat awkward taste. A clash of intent, simultaneously assuming simplicity and complexity, randomness and reason, flaws and perfection. The purpose of which is to inspire a sense of joy and discovery.”

More info at www.raymondlemstra.nl -Thanks to Bumbumbum for the tips!