raury indigo child

Raury : Indigo Child

It’s not everyday that Kanye requests a meeting with a newcomer artist and personally flies them out to grace them with his presence. But then again Atlanta based Raury is not an artist that comes around very often and not one that shies away from such a meeting. Knowing from a very early age that there was no other option in his evolution but to make music and be known he has been awaiting his time.


Blending elements of gospel, rap, folk, soul, and pop combined with a confidence that triumphs his years, Raury formulates his unique and powerful sound finally presenting us with Indigo Child, his debut project (via his label/collective LoveRenaissance who recently inked a deal with Columbia), available for download at his website but not without a little reciprocal effort. You’ll see.


Check out the official video for his monumental “God’s Whisper” and more from the album below.