Ra Ra Riot: Boy

Among the 3-song EP generously released by Ra Ra Riot last month, “Boy” is just one of many foreshadowing the no doubt, to-be hit LP, The Orchard–ripe and almost ready for its August 24th launch.The violin and cello-embellished track–a distinctive mark of the unique, indie band–is a delicious, spoonful teaser for those impatiently waiting for the record drop. Thank goodness, Riot’s sophomore album has remained true to the far-reaching instrumental melodies and strangely well-made, orchestra-pop sound, which got us hooked in the first place.

Even after the tragic 2007 passing of their drummer and college companion, John Pike, the remaining 5 members–Milo Bonacci (guitar), Alexandra Lawn (cello), Wesley Miles (keyboard/vocals), Mathieu Santos (bass), and Rebecca Zeller (violin)–have continued to make joyous music, giving tribute to their lost friend with lively melodies. The product of their mourning is an amazing display of the healing effects of creating music.

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