Quinoa, My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler

Pinterest is a funny place from time to time.  Tiffany Beveridge, Australian writer and blogger, has put together a hilariously enjoyable Pinterest board, featuring the best kids’ fashion photography and the comical personality of Quinoa, her imaginary, well dressed toddler.  Pairing images with captions like, “Know what really gets Quinoa down in the dumps? Pleather.” and, “Sometimes I put Quinoa in Time Out just to adore her outfits”, here is a select of our favorites.

left, “Quinoa absolutely loves a juxtaposition. And irony. And gummi bears.”

“Quinoa and her BFF Chevron redesigned their private school uniforms.”

“‘Mommy, tell me the story of Brooke Shields’ early career again while we walk in the sand.’ – Quinoa”

“On Saturdays, Quinoa likes to give orphans a ride in her child-sized speed boat. She says it’s the least she can do.”

“Sometimes I put Quinoa in Time Out just to adore her outfits.”

“Know what really gets Quinoa down in the dumps? Pleather.”

“While Chevron with her unfortunate perm and Barcelona with her exceptional perm dug through Chevron’s handbag for some goldfish crackers, Quinoa couldn’t help but wonder about the random injustices in life.”

“Every time I find Quinoa in my closet, she gives me a disapproving lecture about relying too much on navy blue.”

“One time when Quinoa and I got separated in a busy train station, she thankfully remembered our safety training: stay in one place, look spectacular, and don’t talk to poor people.”

“I sent Quinoa to a sleepover one night and she returned the next day wearing her pillowcase as a modern frock. Silly girl!”

left, “Some people do trust falls with their friends. Quinoa does them with her fashion sense.” right, “‘…and then you carefully arrange the flowers from the dining room table on your head like this.’ – Quinoa”

left, “Quinoa loves the look of fur, but will only wear faux…” right, “This is what Quinoa looks like when she’s visualizing world peace.”

left, “Quinoa always keeps a spare ‘urban outfit’ in my purse in the event we’re going to be around a lot of chain link fencing.” right, “‘If you’re going to wear an oversized coat, wear oversized glasses to balance it out.’ – Quinoa”

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