Pulp Collection by Jo Meesters

Dutch design studio Jo Meesters create products of sustainability and craftsmanship by upcycling paper waste into unique, water resistant moulds. Driven by the search for innovative and eco-friendly materials and techniques, the studio is often referred to as a laboratory for product concepts.
In an effort to combat the overflowing mountains of discarded paper found in landfill sites, the PULP collection seeks to reinvent that waste into pieces of work that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By combining shredded newspaper with glue, black ink and water, the mixture is applied in several layers to objects and later hardens into pieces, which are then glued together. A final coat of PULP mixture and a treatment of epoxy resin, leaves the vessel strong and water resistant. The end result is both tactile and robust, a piece of art with emotional and environmental value.