Public Space Meets Private Space at Formosa 1140

Its been awhile since we highlighted some architecture, but Formosa 1140, a new development in West Hollywood caught my attention. This contemporary 11-unit building was designed by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects.


I am particularly excited about this firms intentions of incorporating public parks into private developments. L.A. is widespread and especially lately I have been feeling that there are just not enough parks around. Yes, we are surrounded by nature and amazing hikes but its nice to be able to take 30 minute lunch in a park surrounded by mix of people, an interaction that is truly missing in L.A.


The facade of the building was very well designed as a function to the purpose and aesthetic of the development.

From the Architects:

“This housing project emphasizes the central importance of shared open space for the residents and the community. Formosa takes what would be the internalized open space of the courtyard and moves it to the exterior of the building to create a park which occupies approximately one third (4,600 sf) of the project site. As a result of shifting the common open space to the exterior and pushing the building to one side, units are organized linearly allowing for ‘park frontage’ and cross-ventilation for every unit. External circulation is used as a buffer between public and private realms and articulated through layers of perforated metal and small openings. The careful placement of outer skin panels and inner skin fenestration creates a choreographed effect, both revealing and concealing, while achieving a unique expression of form and materials. The exterior skin also keeps west facing units cooler by acting as a screen and shading device.”




via DeZeen