Provocative Furniture by Aldo Bakker

Written by Guest Blogger Seema Sharma

We have been writing a lot about the innovative adventures of Droog, a furniture brand in Amsterdam. Now the son of founder Gijs Bakker is stealing the throne with his conceptual work. Aldo Bakker is just like his father and mother (jewelry designer Emmy van Leersum) a conceptual designer. His specialty? Coming up with ways to provoke

the meaning and function of furniture.

It fascinates me that the whole family seems to have a strong common believe that physical objects possess and evoke emotions in the user. They even say that it works in the same way as music, film and art. Whether you agree with it or not, that is already a provocative statement.

Aldo Bakker loves to challenge space with his designs. For example: most chairs undoubtedly have the simple function of offering a seat, Aldo’s work raises more questions though. “My objects should be able to create a space around themselves, to define their context on their own. I question their meaning and, hence, their use. In the ideal case an object acquires a status that legitimizes itself, independently of the surroundings.”