Galerie Derouillon Presents ‘Project 3’ by Przemek Pyszczek


If you happened to be in Paris, you must stop by Galerie Derouillon project space at Hotel Cromot du Bourg for Przemek Pyszcze’s exhibition ‘Project 3’. The show brings together a set of paintings and sculptures from 2014 to 2019 by the Polish artist.

Przemek Pyszczek (b.1985 – Poland) Lives and works in Poland, his sculptures, paintings and installations deal thematically and formally with the utopian aspects of Polish architecture in the post-communist era.

His interest in the deconstruction of these systems is founded, on the one hand, in formal analyses and, on the other hand, in autobiographical aspects. With his works, the artist makes references to colours, forms, specific visual features, ornaments, graphic structures and material situations, which he recombines, condenses and overlaps to create new relationships and contexts.

Photography by Grégory Copitet.