Primary 1: Princess (Isa Machine Re-Invention)

Isa Machine (a.k.a. Isabella “Machine” Summers) sprinkles magic over music, adding flavorful style like a little production fairy. As the machine to “Florence + the…”; she provides keys to the engine. Well, she does play the keyboards for the band, but she also played a critical role in producing its 2010 BRITS Award-winning and “Number One Album,” Lungs, earning her six additional production credits and five co-write credits. Although there are now many members of Florence’s backing band, a teenage collaboration between these two brought the group to life, and gave it a name. But back to Isa.

The girl just can’t stop, won’t stop. Her re-invention of “Princess” is an electric charge to the original’s heart. Make no mistake, the first version’s creator, Primary 1, is no less talented. In fact, the British synth-pop producer has got ‘it’ going on, so to speak. Yet, once again, I digress.

At the moment, Isa is lending her ranging talents to up and coming artists, including an EP release with south London’s Ivan Ink and Pen. Ivan Ink ‘n’ Iza will be out soon via BRINK Records. Stay tuned, and enjoy this sunny piece of pop heaven.

Listen to “Princess (Isa Machine Re-Invention)” Here

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