Pretty Lights : I Can See It In Your Face

Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith, is a Colorado native that samples other music to create original songs, a la Girl Talk.  Except his music doesn’t sound like Girl Talk because instead of using one or two samples at the same time, he combines many bits and pieces of multiple tracks that span almost all genres to create original tunes that sound like something all his own.  He has said, “I strive to always use samples in a way that brings new life and feeling to them.”  I Can See It In Your Face is his newest track that he has released as a free download on his website, along with his other albums.  It follows in suit with his previous work and is a funky jam that is heavy on the bass.  But it is just a sample of things to come.  He plans to release 3 EPs throughout 2010, the first of which, Making Up A Changing Mind, is due out on March 2nd.  Instead of working a long time and trying to release full length LPs, Pretty Lights has opted to release the music as soon as he completes it in small bite-sized chunks.  Enjoy!

Listen to “I Can See It In Your Face” Here

      1. I Can See It In Your Face