Porter Robinson_Language Cover Art

Porter Robinson: Language

Porter Robinson_Language Cover Art

      1. Language


The pulse-pounding, electro-textured beats exuding from 20-year-old Porter Robinson are presented in such a way, one might think the man behind them was much older. For sound, like many things, can be manipulated until it becomes an out-of-the-box idea. Most stay true to this long held belief, bringing unparalleled creativity and originality to the diverse music scene, while others remain single file awaiting another man’s move. In Robinson’s case, it is Wolfgang Gartner, Noisia and Pendulum, notable influences who will follow his catchy, yet cutting edge complexion to life.


Off the heels of his 2011 debut EP Spitfire, Robinson records an enticing single entitled, “Language,” dominated by  a delicate keyboard ushering in punctuated syncs set behind subtle vocals. This irresistible cut offers listeners a tamed escape due, in part, to its meticulous setup–toasting the legendary video game, Dance Dance Revolution with each passing line. Sound registers no matter how construed the situation, but sometimes it pays to be unique when dealing with song.