Popclik Headphones Orange

PopClik Headphones

Popclik Headphones Beige

PopClik is a new brand of headphones that wants you to “keep the real world outside.” With clean, highly defined sound quality, the color-blocked earphones sit nicely with young audiophiles in the U.S. and South America. In PopClik’s latest campaign, illustrators Eli Ferrer, Efrain Laboy, Elisa Sassi and Arthur D’Araujo set the brand’s green, tangerine, blue and beige headsets against comic book style sketches reminiscent of manga and graphic novels.

Above // Iron Maiden: Eli Ferrer
Left // Madonna: Elisa Sassi

Popclik Headphones Green
Bob Marley: Efrain Laboy and Arthur D’Araujo

Popclik Headphones Blue
Beatles: Eli Ferrer