Pop-up Office Palma de Mallorca

Pop-up restaurant, yes, pop-up store, yes, but pop-up office? That’s kinda new.

OhLab Architects‘ proposed idea for this pop-up office was a space “without apparent attractiveness”, somewhat of a blank canvas inhabited by a client with a “good art and furniture collection”. The pop-up office is is temporary, improvised, efficient, reusable, transparent, optimized, fast to implement and dismantle, it doesn’t waste resources.  To achieve this, OhLab demolished partition walls, removed dropped ceiling and unused mechanical facilities, scratched the stippled-finish paint on walls, columns and stairs and painted the floor with white satin polyurethane. They also installed hanging incandescent exposed bulbs, and created a lounge area reusing pieces of furniture and art from the client. We disagree on one point however, we find the bare bones of this space quite attractive. Job well done.

By Tara Lange