POP ETC: Halfway to Heaven


      1. Halfway to Heaven


The Morning Benders have morphed into POP ETC. It’s a transformation of sorts befitting our current cravings for pop from a folk stand point. Coming from their former folk roots, we receive a mixture of their lingering soft vocals and a new-found electro-synth quality. As a born again band, the trio are taking their recent and self-titled debut as a chance to become fresh, reintroducing nostalgic influence of R&B, 90’s dream pop, Daft Punk-esque vocal autotune, and electronic vibes. What hasn’t changed is the band’s accessibility–but just who are they becoming accessible to? The answer? A whole new audience.


POP ETC is everything in between. It is all their influences put together without the folk filter used in Morning Benders. They list an exhausted list including, “rock, hip hop, soul, funk, reggae, blues, techno, new age, punk, disco, folk, country, jazz, house, psych, and R&B.” In essence, all music has traces of every genre. Nothing exists on its own, and in the same way, POP ETC would not exist without Benders. Go ahead: Get re-aquainted. Check out Pop Etc (out now via Rough Trade).