Pol Kurucz Stunning Fashion Stories

With great set designs, amazing styling and hair & makeup team, the New York (and Sao Paulo) based fashion photographer Pol Kurucz has an impressive portfolio with very strong fashion editorials with a similar vibe of Mr David Lachapelle. Here’s a small selection of some of our favorite stories, but be sure to check his site for a lot more of his work (link below).

About the artist:
“Pol Kurucz was born with two different names to a French mother in a Hungarian hospital. His childhood hyperactivity was treated with theater, and theater was later treated with finance. By 27 he was a manager by day and a stage director by night. He then went on consecutive journeys to Bahrain and Brazil, to corporate islands and favelas. He has sailed on the shores of the adult industry and of militant feminism and launched a mainstream money making bar loss making in its indie art basement. Then he suddenly died of absurdity. Pol was reborn in 2015 and merged his two names and his contradictory lives into one where absurdity makes sense.”