Plaza Athénée Pastry F/W 2010/11

Like fashion designer collections, luxury hotels have their very own varied specialty collections. Here is the Plaza Athénée fall/winter 2010/11 desert collection, created by pastry superstar chef Christophe Michalak, officially elected best pastry chef of the world.

[top image] Financial biscuit (or Biscuit financier) on which come some posed pears poached in brunoise, covered with a foam maple syrup of Quebec

Biscuit soaked with the exotic fruit juice, covered with zabaglione vanilla and a fruit frost: Pineapple, banana and mango of Philippines.

Rum Baba coated with vanilla chantilly (whipped cream) , meringue and Bavarian with chestnuts of Ardeche.

Dacquoise with the pinions, coated with melting caramel and a coffee of Colombia air foam.

Biscuit soaked with lemon grass and ginger, covered with creamy and a zabaglione chocolate of the Caribbean.

Sorry for the translation, I’m sure that some desert names can’t be literally translated…

Thanks to Materialiste for the Tip!