Pierre Yovanovitch Interiors for Le Coucou [Meribel]

Renowned and en vogue architect Pierre Yovanovitch recently completed the stunning, design-focused ski hotel Le Coucou, 55-room hotel nestled amongst the snow-capped peaks of Meribel ski resort. Part of the popular French resort of Les Trois Vallées ( the largest ski area in the world.)

The hotel’s staggering mountainous surroundings became a “natural focal point” for Paris and New York-based designer Pierre Yovanovitch, who was tasked with developing the interiors of the property.

“It was my first time designing a hotel of this scale and grandeur, and it was such an exciting challenge,” Yovanovitch said about the project.

The opening of Pierre Yovanovitch’s Le Coucou hotel comes just after the 50th anniversary Les Arcs, a modernist French ski resort designed by revered architect Charlotte Perriand.

“We designed the space to offer as many views of the stunning landscape as possible.”

Photography by Jérôme Galland