Pierre Hardy Opens in NYC

Last week we where invited to the opening of the first Pierre Hardy store in the US, the 1400 square foot flagship store located at 30 Jane street in the west village has been chosen by Pierre Hardy as his favorite because of its intimate yet chic and lively atmosphere of this downtown neighborhood.

The boutique’s architectural concept was conceived in collaboration with MR architecture. It is an evolution of the design elements from his Parisian shops.

The desire was to create a box within a box – a balanced play between opposites. The outer fac?ade of this historical landmark is kept as is while the interior is a play on the modern.

The rough walls of brick and stucco were kept in its natural state. Duplicate panels of glass-smoked mirrors redefine a new minimal and sophisticated architectural space. These partitions both conceal and reveal the original shell, setting the tone and echoing Pierre Hardy’s own design elements: sleek vs. rough; sharp vs. soft; austere vs. luxurious.

“There has never been a question in my mind that New York would be the home of our first international boutique. Having a store in New York, and, even more specifically within the beautiful West Village, is truly the realization of a dream of mine. The energy of this city and of this neighborhood has always motivated me and fueled my creativity.
It feels truly like a second home to me here, and this store gives me a new way to share my designs with a city that means so much to me personally.” Pierre Hardy

NEW YORK, NY 10014

More info at www.pierrehardy.com