Nico Therin Bubble Gun

Photographic Puns

Nico Therin Co Pay

Five years ago, commercial photographer Nico Therin moved from a seaside town near Bordeaux, France to the concrete-clad city of LA. And while he says he found himself “randomly” in photography school, his work smacks of a stark sense of order.

“I quickly took a liking to the controlled environment that in-studio photography offers,” the 26-year-old says. “I love the challenge of creating images that are minimalist yet curiously intriguing, and I always tend to lean towards simplicity.” Against clean, bold backgrounds, he’s created hyper-real hybrids like a harmless “bubble-gun” (above) and a flammable “nut-cracker.” The French do have a way with words…

Left // Co-Pay

Nico Therin Cork and Beret
Cork and Beret
Nico Therin First Aid Kit Bleeding DUP
First Aid Kit Bleeding
Nico Therin Nut Cracker DUP
Nut Cracker
Nico Therin Syringe and Coffee Beans HRFL copy
Caffeine Fix
Nico Therin Worm On The Green
Hole In One