Philippe Starck’s Quadri Restaurant [Venice]

With an aim of restoring Quadri – a 18th century grancaffe and restaurant in Venetian St Mark’s Square –Philippe Starck has revived its beautiful heritage. The renovation was initiated by Massimiliano and Raffaele Alajmo who wanted to complement the traditional Italian spirit with a modern touch. French designer revisited the historic site and teamed up with art restorers, Anna de Spirt and Adriana Spagnol, who peeled the layers of paint inside the interior to unearth the original 3D ornamentation known as ‘stuccowork’ from the 19th century.

Another collaboration included the one with Tessitura Bevilacqua, a famous Venetian fabric maker, who has designed new rich burgundy fabrics that decorate the walls. Murano glass chandeliers by Aristide Najean light up the dim space while a big mirror by Barbini brothers welcomes guests at the entrance. Starck’s tribute to Venetian design tradition focused on deriving from the mystery and poetry of the place.