Penguin Prison: Fair Warning (Oliver Remix)

Listen to “Fair Warning (Oliver Remix)” here

      1. Fair Warning (Oliver Remix)


Many have come to love Penguin Prison aka Chris Glover for the disco that he has proven undead. The New Yorker keeps up an energy as vibrant as his city and has another pulsating single up his sleeve, remixed to an at-times ethereal effect. What catches are the unexpectedly engaging lyrics that ride on such upbeat electronics. 

The man is no stranger to ProTools, but as he explains, “[he tries] to keep an element of the human, only using modern technology.” It’s a humane effort that benefits the senses and can’t be completely taught, but he did attend the same performing arts school, as R&B superstar, Alicia Keys. Nowadays, the two wouldn’t be seen in the same classroom, nor iTunes genre, but they both sure can sing. See for yourself in “Fair Warning (Oliver Remix),” your pick-me-up of the day. Happy listening!

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      2. Worse It Gets (RAC Mix)