Peggy Noland’s 35 sq ft. Burger City


So, im glad that after 3 days of sitting around United Tradeshow and pondering over the absurdly
saturated industry that we are all involved in, i stumbled on this explotion of colors, letters, shapes
and good energy. PEGGY NOLAND is where it was at! i had the pleasure of asking Peggy herself
a few questions about how she got there are where she is heading. Featured above is an image
from Peggy Noland’s 35 sq. ft. store located in Kansas City, MI.


> When did you launch your line?

I started seriously producing clothing about 2 years ago. This has been the
first time I have ‘launched’ a line, if you wanna call it that.

> Did you go to fashion school? Where did you acquire your construction skills?
I majored in Religious Studies and planned on being a Peace Corps lifer – but I applyed and
didn’t get in. And I guess the natural thing to do at that point is open a clothing store ;).
I learned to sew from my mom, and pattern make from a class I took in community college.

> What has been your response by the buyers? Are you in any shops yet?
It’s funny – all but one of my buyers are men. And United was my first legit time at seriously pursing
buyers. I don’t know for sure if it was good for me or not. But, the biggest response was from Moscow
and Tokyo, which is fine by me.

> Who do you look to for inspiration?
Mostly the weirdos in my town. Kansas City is full of us bored
outta our mind with most everything. Maybe its apathy
– but maybe were just crazy. But crazy in a
‘CrazySexyCool’ TLC sorta way.

> What is the name of the artist that did the interior of Burger City?
Is that the actual name of the shop or just what you call it?

Cody Cricheloe from The Ssion ( painted the
store. I told him I was looking for a faux brick finish, with some delicate vines crawling up
the walls and a morning glory or two… and this is what I got. hahahahah.

> How do you see your line developing in the future?
Mmmm infatables, removables, reversables, and
igniteables! Funk yeah!