Paul Matter Tango brass front

Paul Matter Light Design [New Delhi]

Nikhil Paul is a designer-to-watch. Founder of PAUL MATTER studio in New Delhi he collaborates with some of the most exciting talents to create unique lighting fixtures.

PAUL MATTER celebrates a different approach to light design; the brand customise lamps for residential and commercial settings blending contemporary and minimalist aesthetics with sculptural and handcraft techniques. Surfaces and textures are manually achieved with heritage techniques such as patina and burning. This makes each fluid sculpture closer to a contemporary art piece rather than just a functional and utilitarian light fixture.

TANGO, the debuting collection, comes from a playful experimentation of vintage lighting components. Burnt brass, aged brass and etched glass are combined with articulated elbows and shades to create a sophisticated armature that emits soft pools of light.

Paul Matter Tango brass

Paul Matter Tango brass

Paul Matter Tango

Paul Matter Tango gold

SATELLITE, the second collection, calls back to the mid – 60s when architecture, cars, and gadget design took on a curiously spaceflight-inspired aesthetic. The pieces can be used as individual fixtures or in number of combinations forming light sculptures levitating in space. The material palette includes aged brass, burnt brass, bull horn, and stone.


Paul Matter Satellite

Paul Matter Satellite

OVERLAY & UNDERLAY is the first launch of ‘One of a Kind’ series – the brand synergic program that showcase different talents through craftsmanship and innovation.
Calling Kallol Datta as the first collaborator OVERLAY & UNDERLAY challenges fashion techniques – such as draping and pattern making – on an higher level creating a series of light and fluid sculptural forms.

Paul Matter Overlay I

Paul Matter Overlay II

Paul Matter Underlay II

Paul Matter Underlay II

Nikhil studied Industrial design and earned a MA in Business design from Domus Academy, Milan in 2007. After working for several years at design studios in Italy, Nikhil returned to his native India and began his own studio in 2012. His diverse portfolio includes precision instruments, toys, lights and art objects. Nikhil’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in Wallpaper, Elle Dècor and Belle Magazine.