Paul Kalkbrenner : Sky And Sand

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      1. 04 Sky And Sand

Along with the ever so fast and convenient internet phenomenon comes the misconception that the content that is presented must practically be from the future in order to to fresh and relevant. But, the truth is that there is always something amazing that we have missed and that many of us haven’t come by especially when it comes to infinite realm of art and creativity.

This track by the brilliant Berlin, Germany based DJ/producer/actor Paul Kalkbrenner entitled “Sky and Sand”, although it may be “outdated”, is a beautiful piece of music and is one that I felt I should put out into the cyber world once again before time leaves it in the abyss. The talented veteran act created this inspirational work in 2008 to accompany a film which his starred in called “Berlin Calling” about a DJ and producer that becomes institutionalized for drug abuse. With the help of his brother Fritz Kalkbrenner’s powerful vocal performance, Paul formulates this dramatic and uplifting anthem that puts the listener in a very paritcular mode that at some point gets you to your feet and moving. The feeling it gives you is hard to shake and that’s what makes it so good. Turn up the volume and enjoy.

Paul Kalkbrenner – Illustration for Mad Club