paul davies Seidler House Sunset

Paul Davies’ Layered Landscapes

The focus of Paul Davies’ work is the relationship between the built and natural environments. Davies’ paintings depict homes set in idyllic, leisured landscapes.

Although appearing realistic, the paintings are an amalgam of elements from various locations. The scenes are devoid of human form, encouraging the viewer to inhabit the space and generate their own narrative.


Central to Davies’ process is the use of hand-cut stencils,based in turn on the artists’ own digital photographs. Stenciling, in essence, repeats the ideals and anxieties associated with the subject, but the relationship between the original and its reproduction is blurred through this process. To further explore this relationship, Davies translates stencils to sculpture. The sculpture Bridges, for example, refers to the “bridges” that hold the stencil together as an entire sheet.


Digital vs Analogue investigates the counterpoint between digital technologies and made techniques. The process that Davies undertakes evokes the sense that, despite the image’s nostalgic appearance, the observer finds him or herself in the present tense, with the anxiety of an unknown future open to interpretation.



Paul Davies Displaced Invert

Paul Davies Displaced Modern

Paul Davies Displaced Villa III

Paul Davies Modern Home Mountains

Paul Davies Family portrait night

Paul Davies Home and Pool

Paul Davies Columns acrylic on linen

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