Paul Cook and his Universe, Mondo Curio

When we featured Paul Cook last year we knew he had what it takes to broaden his scale of sophistication, so when I received a recent email from him showing his new works, I was compelled to write an updated piece. With over 200 new works currently being uploaded to his site, here are some images of the level of work he has been creating.  He focuses on the universe, symmetry, sacred geometry and where we fit into it all and got me thinking about my current obsession, fractals.   A fractal is a mathematical set that has a fractal dimension that usually exceeds its topological dimension Fractals are typically self-similar patterns, where self-similar means they are “the same from near as from far.” Fractals, which are made of and from sacred geometry make up/are the universe, the planet, us, basically everything we see, breathe and live. Through his very specific process, Cook allows us to experience fractals visually , he lays out the beauty of this symmetry and wholistic aesthetic in a way which challenges perceptions of what’s real, and what’s not in his gorgeous collages.

“I ‘flips’ dinosaur bones, exotic animals, precious minerals, architecture, flora & fauna . . .Over the last two years I have composed some 3000 images. There is a scientific optical element to the more rigid, geometric subject matter and a Rorschach test, anthropomorphic, fantastical sub conscious effect with the organic.”

Cook samples and duplicates portions of his images, then does a bit of photoshop magic, rearranges and comes up with these really unique masks and topiary totems. I love the incredible detail …… at first , they look seemingly simple, however as one takes in  a small part of the image and examine, there you will find another complete universe within, and the sacred geometry of the fracal. This goes on forever, thus the idea of universes within universes, never ending are introduced and examined.

Cook has just started a collaboration with rug company designing luxury carpets of his “Temples of Finance” series, images of his photographs of the architecture of bank buildings. He manipulates his images to create ornate, kaleidoscopic, and jewel-like compositions. These abstracted geometric icons of heritage buildings symbolize wealth, integrity, and endurance, the rugs are super cool. “The more I immerse myself in this field the more I realize there is primal imperative to symmetrical symbology and the quest for perfect balance is imbued with magic.”


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