Gallery Meubles et Lumieres

PAD Paris is Celebrating 20 years!

This year, PAD Paris celebrates its 20th anniversary. The pioneering event for Art and Design aficionados and collectors has been committed to connect the greatest art dealers in the world. Season after season, it offers an intimate cocoon to those who have made decorative arts and design the core of their collection, driven by passion and heritage. Every edition aims to create an unprecedented dialogue between modern art, historical and contemporary design and jewelry.

Gallery Maisons Rapin Kam Tin

PAD Paris 2016 will welcome a number of renowned British galleries such as Aktis Gallery, FUMI, Repetto, Rose Uniacke but also galleries from Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and China. All of which contribute each year to PAD’s worldwide influence. 2016 will also give greater room to Primitive Art.

Galery Afrique Kpwan mask Baoule Cote dIvoire

Gallery Ammann Binet architectural landscape Baku

Gallery Boccara Emile Gilioli le galet

Gallery Botella Francois Xavier Lalanne Rhinocretaire

Gallery Broccardo Res Ingram

Gallery BSLCarol Egan stool

Gallery De Jonckheere Superficie Bianca

Gallery Garrido mirror table

Gallery Gastou Gerard Kuijpers the white wings

Gallery Jousse Claude Francois Xavier Lalanne Moutons de laine

Gallery LEclaireur Ben Storms InHale table

Gallery Mermoz Costa Rica metate

Gallery Meubles et Lumieres

Gallery Armel Soyer Mathias Kiss

Gallery Modernes Alexander Calder Snakes

Gallery Plaisance

Gallery Repetto Michelangelo Pistoletto

Gallery Wetter Grether Soerensen times square in a rush