Ou Est Le Swimming Pool : Dance The Way I Feel

So I may be a little behind the game on this one, but they only just showed up on my radar.  Ou Est Le Swimming Pool is an electronica synthpop group hailing from Camden, England. Following the release of this, their debut single, in September 2009, they headed out on the UK leg of La Roux‘s last tour; rumor has it they are out of this world live.

The electro quartet recently released their second single, These New Knights.  I almost through that one up here but Dance The Way I Feel hooked me and so here it is.  If you find yourself in London on June 30th, check them out at their debut album release party.  Otherwise, just add this track to your summer mixes and start changin’ your whole philosophy.  It’s simple, just dance the way you feel.

Listen to “Dance The Way I Feel” here

      1. Dance The Way I Feel

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Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

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