Oh Land: Sun of a Gun

Oh Land is Nanna Øland Fabricius, a Danish ballet dancer gone vocalist, a transition for which a bit of strange luck and affliction may take responsibility. After badly injuring her back, the beautiful Dane had to turn to her musical upbringing so deeply ingrained in her bones. With an opera singer associated with the Danish Royal Theatre for a mother and an organist for a father, she had a music-filled home life, to say the least. Fast forward to now: Oh Land is planting Nordic seeds in Brooklyn and putting the finishing touches on her self-titled EP, available in October via Epic Records–with her US debut album to follow in 2011.

While instrumentally using her vocals, Oh Land ambitiously programs her own beats, plays the piano, guitar and violin and samples everything from pots and pans to buzzing flies. “Sun of a Gun” is her upbeat tale of falling out of love.

Listen to “Sun of a Gun” Here

      1. Sun of a Gun