Oh Betty! January Jones Unzips for GQ Magazine


America’s sexiest housewife, Betty Draper, from Mad Men, disrobes for the November 2009 issue of GQ Magazine. 31 year old January Jones spent years in Hollywood smiling through role after role as Blonde Woman #4 before landing a part as Betty Draper —the most complex, mysterious woman on television today, and in GQ she unzips her leather D&G jacket and allows Terry Richardson to unleash her inner nymphet.


“I don’t have a lot in common with Betty,” January tells GQ of her “Mad Men” character. “But I’m very protective of her. I just feel like she’s trying really hard to make her life good, and make her marriage work, and it just seems hypocritical that when she slips up, people get mad. Because Don [Draper] (played by Jon Hamm) does it all the f-ing time.”