Simple is Beautiful!

“Nude looks at life through the lens of simplicity – Decluttering and distilling, marrying form with function.”


ude is the creator and manufacturer of contemporary glassware for modern living. With a mission to design and create beautiful collections of lead-free crystal glass objects, Nude takes pleasure seriously to create, collaborate and manufacture in Turkey some cool glassware for modern homes.

Always reflecting the lifestyle of less-ordinary people. Nude transcends the traditional boundaries of glassware treating the whole home as one sensuous and pleasurable space.

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Night Set by Erdem Akan


Whisky Bottle by Joe Doucet


Jewelry Box by Erdem Akan


Cake Dome by Pentagon Design


What if it was possible to create a glass so fine, so elegant, so exquisite, that it could almost make you feel as if it didn’t exist? That nothing came between you and the enjoyment of your favourite wine.

Designers at NUDE asked themselves the same question, but after a huge amount of work and dedication have come up with the answer.
They called it… STEM ZERO.

STEM ZERO is a simple and elegant range of highly sophisticated glassware made to satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur.
The glass is so fine and so light that it defies belief. Yet it is strong and reliable, suiting all manner of occasions, both formal and informal.

Such is the remarkable quality of the glass that it creates a sensation of weightlessness, that the wine is being held by an invisible force, allowing you to savour the aroma and taste of wine in a way that, until now, was considered unimaginable.
The lightness of the glassware focusses all attention on the senses. The stem is precise, the lip gossamer-thin, the bowl delicate. Everything works to accentuate touch,
taste and smell.

The result is a glass that feels no more than a whisper, a kiss on the lips, encouraging you to enjoy wine to the full.