Not Your Ordinary Jewish Deli

Berlin has a new deli in town and its not your ordinary Jewish Deli.”Louis Pretty” is the brainchild of the gastronomic trio of Oskar Melzer (co-founder of Mogg & Melzer), James Ardinast and David Ardinast.

Inspired by 1930s New York, picture Louis Pretty, Jewish gangster and a member of the Kosher Nostra sits with a crony in a deli, in front of him a mound of cured brisket cut into slices – pastrami, served with pickled gherkins. The immigrants cultivate a new cuisine: the Jewish-American deli cuisine, not kosher, but still referencing traditional recipes. Now flash forward to today and enter this glorified deli designed by Philipp Mainzer, Paul Bauer and Oskar Melzer meant to transport you to Palm Springs modernism via David Hockney’s painting ‘A Bigger Splash’.

At Louis pretty you can expect homemade specialities based on the Jewish-American cuisine of the past, uncomplicated and transported into the present. The pastrami will be traditionally served in several varieties on rye bread with coleslaw, pickled gherkins and mustard. The straightforward presentation belies a complex preparation process. For four weeks, the brisket is cured, then smoked for a several hours, cooked and then finally marinated. The owners had to experiment for six months in order to achieve the perfect pastrami recipe.

The New York chef Joey Passarella runs the kitchen. The food ranges from a further selection of meat sandwiches, to matzah ball soup, salad with roasted cauliflower, chickpeas and a harissa dressing and homemade desserts such as New York cheesecake with blueberry coulis. Everything can be ordered to go or eat in, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. American diner-style filter coffee, lemonades, wine and long drinks are served. A catering service will also be offered, specifically tailored to each event and managed by Maren Beckmann.

So what are you waiting for Berliner’s!








Photography Steve Herud