Norwegian Secret Fairytale Hut in the Middle of Nature

What a wonderful hideaway that Mariana de Delas and her architecture firm Gartnerfuglen, just built! Her project called Gjemmested, which means hideout in Norwegian, is a hidden oasis built on a private lake with the goal to disconnect from the digital world!

The hut is made from a skeleton of timber, onto the rock, behind a wall of branches which provides a layer of insulation against snowy winters and and helps camouflage the hut. Back to the roots, the hideaway located is accessible only by kayak or rowboat (or by ice-skating in winter time).

“When not in use, the hideout sits quietly and modestly in nature as if it were one of its creatures; blending in with the forest behind and even serving as a pitstop for thirsty birds on their way to the lake,” said its Mariana.

The family who own the land the Gjemmested is built on live on a secluded farm on the other side of the lake.

The interior contrasts its rough and textured exterior, with plain white wooden walls accented by the large red surrounds of the window and door.

Photography: Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter & Mariana de Delás.