Nortec Collective Presents Bostich & Fussible: I Count the Ways

Bostich & Fussible iconis a duo break-away of Nortec Collective–electronic-embracing, Latin ensemble. “I Count The Ways,” the group’s first single off their new album, Bulevar 2000, gives priority to their northern Mexican roots with fantastically Mariachi-esque trumpets hiccuping throughout the song. Vocalist, Kylee Swenson, of the San Francisco electronica-pop group Loquat, brings some sweetness into the musical mix of techno slaps and hurried beats. Violins and accordions meet to create an odd couple, but Swenson’s vocals smooths it out, giving it a tango-like finish. The spirit of rich Tijuana culture inhabits each track on the twosome’s newest work, leaving ample real estate space for an impressive fusion of styles. If their last album’s 2008 nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album isn’t enough to entice you, a good ‘ole fashion listen will be. Enjoy.

Listen to “I Count The Ways” Here

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