Non Tiq : Quiet

Non Tiq, remember the name! Actually come to think of it don’t bother because chances are whether you make the effort to or not you will be hearing much more from the latest Swedish musical export. I have to admit when I first heard this track I would not have pegged her as a newbie, she sounds too much in her element for this to be her first release, but it indeed is.
To understand how she does it you have to read her exact words. “To make music is much like kids playing. Often you get lost, get in on the wrong path and have to start over again. But sometimes you find exactly what you’re looking for, while you’re still lost”. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Look out for her debut album “love machine” dropping in 2011. Till then you can keep this track on repeat. Enjoy

Listen to “Quiet” Here

      1. Non Tiq - Quiet