NIKLAS ALM and Marisa Fjärem Campaign for Swedish Shopping Mall Bromma Blocks

Niklas Alm together with set designer Marisa Fjärem, created this totally unconventional campaign for Swedish shopping mall Bromma Blocks.

The campaign was split into different series. Accessories that could belong to the fashion interested were used for the Ocean series while products of a family who loves the outdoor life were used for Forest. For the Bromma Blocks Sun series, objects connected to rain and things you can do indoors when it rains were utilized.

Apparently, piles and piles of products were used to create the entire campaign. “Since we had a pretty tight deadline (we needed to shoot 2 images per day), the art director and the assistant of the set designer would have to collect more products so the set designer and I could focus on building the sets. We would call them saying we need more green sleeping bags and an hour or two later they’d arrived to the studio.”

Niklas Alm

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