nike lebron ten years

Nike X LeBron James Crown Jewel Packaging

Typically, a 10 year basketball anniversary is celebrated with diamonds, and Nike did just that recently by creating a special, limited edition LeBron James shoe after a decade of producing the basketball player’s signature shoe.  For this very special colorway, Nike found inspiration in the purple of the Crown Jewels of England.   Package design and creative director Travis Barteaux created the special packaging, made from injected molded plastic, shaped and faceted in the manner of a diamond and a diamond ring cases.  “I tried to incorporate the faceting into all aspects of the design from the logo on the top of the box to the vent holes on the bottom that allow the box to open easily,” says the designer, who was given free reign to design the packaging as fit for the ultra special jumps.  It is great to see such luxurious and exemplary product packaging from the one of the world’s most well known brands.  “The Crown Jewel” drop in September was limited to less than 650 pairs in America exclusively.

photography Ryan Unruh Studio

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