nights out in london rediscovering an old city with a modern twist

Nights Out in London: Rediscovering an Old City with a Modern Twist

London has inspired novels, movies, and stunning works of art. Heading out for a night
on the town will help you capture the essence of this enigmatic city.

nights out in london rediscovering an old city with a modern twist
Image Credit: Pixabay/ Public Domain

There’s no denying the magic of London. Steeped in history yet pulsing with life, this vibrant city offers up a smorgasbord of contemporary entertainment experiences that the modern traveler would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Nights out in this spectacular port-side city are often synonymous with wild entertainment and immersive fun, but these three attractions top the list of treats by a long shot.

Ninth Life Pub Offers a Fresh Take on the Club Scene
Simply put, the Ninth Life Pub will exceed any and all expectations you have of the Catford club scene. Housed in an 18th century bar, this venue spans multiple rooms across several stories to bring you action, adventure, and breathtaking performances along with an array of delicious beverages.

bar birthday cafe celebration
Image Credit: Piqsels/ CC0

Toast your friends as you prepare yourself for an exciting night full of innovative performances and captivating art at Ninth Life Pub.

Inspired by the festival culture, the place really does offer up an air of the carefree circus performer. Here you’ll find jugglers, acrobats, drag queens, and magicians working their way across the floor as the night progresses. You’re free to sit back and be entertained, or you can head upstairs for a different kind of experience in the escape room or immersive theatre.

With an outside peppered in pop-culture graffiti and an indoors housing terrific exhibitions by local creatives, Ninth Life pays homage to its artistic aspirations. Here you’ll find everything you need for a good time, including a scrumptious variety of food trucks and a full bar serving up all sorts of libations. Stop by for a pub quiz, drawing class, or poetry reading to find out what this venue is all about.

Address: 167 Rushey Green, Catford London SE6 4BD
Hours: Monday-Thursday 12 PM-12 AM, Friday-Saturday 12 PM-12 AM, Sunday 12 PM-11PM
Good for: Meeting new people, groups of friends, date night.

Musical Bingo Promises a New Way to Play
It’s no secret that bingo is one of London’s most treasured pastimes, but many make the mistake of assuming it’s reserved for the older generations. Musical Bingo proves them wrong with

show-stopping energy rivaling that of a star-studded rock concert, complete with terrific tunes which replace the traditional numbers on your bingo card.

You’ll find music, dancing, and more at Musical Bingo Nights. This unforgettable experience is without a doubt one of the most thrilling ways to play an old London favorite.

Bingo hasn’t fallen out of fashion in London, but it has undergone a modern makeover. Of course, this falls in with the rest of the world—people have started using bingo cards for everything from education to drinking games, but the festivities to be found at a Musical Bingo Night gravitate more toward the latter. It’s a bit like the game Brits are so enamored with, but this bingo bash promises an interactive experience unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

Prepare for sing-alongs, cocktails, and a whole lot of fun at Musical Bingo. This rotating event is held at different venues throughout the calendar year, and is also available for hire at private events. Each night presents a different theme, some of which beg costumes and all of which encourage audience participation. Be prepared for a plethora of twists and turns throughout the night, with everything ending in a massive unveil when one lucky audience member takes the Full House.

Address: Rotating venues
Hours: Rotating hours, generally in the late evening from around 7 to 11 PM.
Good for: Birthday parties, nights out with pals, friendly competition.

Bunker 51 Provides Immersive Games Experience
If you want to experience a taste of London’s dark and mysterious underbelly on your night out, look no further than Bunker 51. This iconic venue is located inside of a themed Cold War-era bunker, and it plays host to a number of activities for all ages to enjoy. Here you’ll find airsoft, paintball, and laser tag to keep you occupied, with each game promising adrenaline-boosting excitement and a whole new kind of immersive entertainment.

Bunker 51 also hosts a menagerie of thrilling events with themes which will make you laugh out loud or scream in terror, depending on your preferences. These include special holiday parties, as well as apocalyptic zombie-themed thrill-scape nightmares. You can choose from upcoming events or use their event planning service to craft your own custom experience.

You’ll be amazed by the live actors and realistic props during your time here, especially if you venture into the one-of-a-kind escape rooms. Choose from scenarios in which you’re trapped with a bloodthirsty zombie, escaping from a prison van, or skipping town as a spy entrenched in a storyline filled with espionage.

live escape game
Image Credit: Pixabay

The escape rooms at Bunker 51 are on a whole new level. Here you’ll enjoy live actors and thrilling plot twists as you attempt to navigate your way out.

All that fun can really make you hungry, and Bunker 51 doesn’t skimp out when it comes to mealtime. Enjoy the bountiful breakfast, main dishes, and pizza at competitive prices in the canteen from 9AM to 2PM, or mosey over to the bar area to take advantage of delicious drinks and a friendly chat.

Address: 3 Herringham Road, North Greenwich, London, SE7 8NJ
Hours: Monday-Sunday 9 AM-10 PM

Good for: Group outings, birthday parties, corporate team building, daytime dates.
If you’re looking for an excuse to travel to the great city of London, these three venues give all
the reason you need. Those searching for one-of-a-kind accommodation would do well to try the
London Edition for a city break of unrivaled luxury, or take a room at the Henrietta Hotel for
energetic vibes.

Ready for your special night out? These venues offer a taste of worlds both tantalizing and forbidden, making them absolutely perfect for a foray into the heart of your imagination and the center of London. If you’re hoping for a thrilling experience unlike any other you’ve had before, take advantage of these twisted treats and head into the city tonight.